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    To be eligible for one of AGC of North Dakota's Contractor/Active Membership Divisions, a construction firm needs to be capable of undertaking work as a prime contractor with the overall responsibility and skill to complete a construction project with the aid of subcontractors, service providers and suppliers.

    AGC of North Dakota’s Contractor/Active Membership is organized into three divisions:

    Master Builders Division  includes those members primarily involved in the construction of vertical infrastructure such as schools, offices, malls, medical facilities, arenas, apartments, etc.

    Highway Division includes members who construct transportation infrastructure such as roads, highways, and airport runways, along with all other types of transportation infrastructure that make our travel and transport of goods/services viable.

    Municipal/Heavy Division includes members who construct industrial facilities, city streets, sidewalks, water/sewer/gas/electric/communication/transportation lines, water/sewer/refining plants, curb/gutters and all the other facilities that make our world or business work.


    If you would like more information on the Associated General Contractors of North Dakota, please contact Member Services Director Carey Burke at (701)720-9778.  If you are ready to join, please fill out the application and send it to cburke@agcnd.org.

    Contractor/Active Membership Application

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