• Technical Assistance

    Technical assistance is available to all AGC of North Dakota members at no cost. This service is voluntary and confidential.

  • Program Administration & Development

    A reliable safety system is necessary to control the causes of incidents; merely controlling physical hazards or complying with minimal regulations won't result in long-lasting success. AGC can help with the whole effort or with individual program components.



  • Injury and Illness Trend Analysis

    AGC can help to identify causation factors by utilizing sampling techniques such as organizational audits, hazard analyses, and assistance with incident documentation.

  • OSHA Record Keeping

    Mistakes on the OSHA logs are common, but these errors can artificially inflate incident rates. In incident rate reporting is a bid requirement, then these errors can inadvertently disqualify an employer from consideration. AGC is here to help!

  • Regulatory Assistance

    A strong safety system will minimize loss and maximize revenue retention. AGC can help with bits of legal codes and other regulatory minutia, which empowers our members to focus on the broader aspects of their safety systems.

  • Upcoming Events