• Meet our Steering Committee


  • Brittany Diederich Brittany Diederich

    Industrial Builders, Inc.
    NDCLC President

    Brittany Diederich is third generation leadership and the Director of Finance and Administration at Industrial Builders, Inc., where she has worked since 2011.

    She enjoys construction because it is a big picture industry that is comprised of thousands of complex details and every day is interesting.

    The CLC is important to her because the crop of talent coming into leadership in the industry will only get stronger with collaboration and education through the CLC.

  • David Goulet David Goulet

    Industrial Builders, Inc.
    NDCLC Vice President

    David Goulet is a Senior Project Manager at Industrial Builders, Inc. and has been with the company since 2009. 

    Growing up in the construction industry, influenced him to pursue a degree in Construction Engineering at North Dakota State University. 

    David joined the ND CLC to help promote construction to our youth, and provide local leadership development.

  • Matt Halvorson Matt Halvorson

    Halvorson Company, Inc.
    NDCLC Treasurer

    Matt Halvorson is second generation leadership and President at Halvorson Company, Inc., where he has worked since 2013.

    His favorite part about working with the construction industry is that many of the organizations are family owned businesses that care about the next generation.

    Matt is excited to be a part of the CLC to help himself and the other members improve and grow leadership skills.

  • Jordan Gleason Jordan Gleason

    Construction Engineers
    NDCLC Secretary

    Jordan Gleason has worked at Construction Engineers since 2013.  He is a Field Project Manager working on site on commercial building projects.

    His favorite part of construction is working with the variety of professionals in the industry to overcome complex challenges.

    Jordan believes the CLC will help to develop leadership skills in all its members and improve the construction industry as a whole.

  • Ryan Muehler Ryan Muehler

    General Equipment and Supplies, Inc.

    Ryan Muehler is second generation leadership at General Equipment and Supplies Inc. since 2007 where he has worked his way into Heavy Equipment Sales.

    Ryan has a passion for the construction industry and loves working with customers on completing their projects.

    The CLC group is important to Ryan because he values the ability to communicate as a group and more importantly as an industry.

  • Amy Mickelson Amy Mickelson

    Dakota Fence/3D Specialties/Dakota Playground

    Amy Mickelson is third generation leadership at Dakota Fence/3D Specialties/Dakota Playground where she began as a lot laborer through high school and college and rejoined the company in 2016 as an estimator for 3D Specialties.

    Amy enjoys construction as it starts as an idea, develops into a project, and is executed by many people and companies.  The collaboration and coordination of so many intricate parts of a project is exciting to be a part of.

    Amy feels that the CLC is very important because there is a vast amount of knowledge in the industry currently.  Sharing that knowledge and past experiences with future leaders will only strengthen them as individuals, but also the construction industry as a whole.

  • Molly Swanston Molly Swanston

    Swanston Equipment Company

    Molly Swanston is fourth generation leadership and in Heavy Equipment Sales at Swanston Equipment Companies where she has worked since 2016.

    She loves how the construction industry in North Dakota is both deeply rooted in long standing relationships and legacy, as well as being full of extremely innovative and young talent.

    Molly believes the CLC will serve as a bridge between those long-standing relationships and the up and coming young leaders, to help strengthen our industry as a whole.


  • Paige Shockman Paige Shockman

    Halvorson Company, Inc.

    Paige Shockman is the Account Manager at Halvorson Company, Inc., working exclusively in employee benefits since 2016.

    She likes working with members of the construction industry because they recognize and understand the value of their employees and want to be sure that they’re taken care of.

    Paige feels that the best way to ensure that the next generation of talent joins any industry is for them to see that other young people are actively involved in it.

  • Cory Swingen Cory Swingen

    Swingen Construction Company, Inc.

    Cory Swingen is  fifth-generation leadership at Swingen Construction Company, Inc., where he has worked his way through the ranks since 2003 starting out in the field as a laborer to in the office as a Project Manager/Estimator to now the interim VP of Construction.

    Cory is thrilled by the process of how projects start on a piece of paper and then seeing the project through to completion.

    Cory is passionate about the construction industry as a whole and believes the CLC is a great way to grow and recruit new leaders into the construction industry.

  • Micah Tysver Micah Tysver

    General Equipment and Supplies, Inc.

    Micah Tysver is Sales Manager of General Equipment & Supplies, Inc. He has been with this organization, in this role, since 2016. Prior to, he was with Aggregate Industries, in the aggregate operations division, since 2004. Has spent entire post-college career in the aggregate and mining industry.

    He is very passionate about the construction and mining industry, because every day is a different set of challenges, and is self-rewarding to be involved and help so many others improve operational performance.

    The CLC group was an attractive fit because it’s an opportunity to dialogue with like-minded individuals, and to be an influence in creating a path for the next generation of construction leaders to continue momentum to drive this industry forward, taking on more modern-day approaches.

  • Sally Miskavige Sally Miskavige

    Opp Construction

    Sally Miskavige is Vice President of Opp Construction.  She is the second generation at Opp Construction, where she has worked on and off most of her life & full time since 2008.  Being a part of the AGC of North Dakota, getting involved in leadership and going through the chairs as the current AGC President of North Dakota has been a great experience for her & reinforces why it is so great to be in the construction industry. 

    She believes that the CLC is another way that the AGC of North Dakota can engage with future leaders in the Construction Industry to continue retaining great people in construction. She hopes the CLC will keep them engaged & develop their relationships with the best group ever - the AGC of North Dakota.

  • Braeden Nelson Braeden Nelson

    Marsh & McLennan Agency

    Braeden Nelson is the Surety Manager at Dawson Insurance, A Marsh & McLennan Agency LLC Company, where he has worked since 2017. Braeden has a strong passion for the construction industry and enjoys helping contractors grow their businesses successfully. He is excited about joining the CLC group and is looking forward to continued leadership growth through collaboration and relationship building with other future leaders of the construction industry.

  • Craig Griesbach Craig Griesbach

    Jensen Brothers Construction, Inc.

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