• Board of Directors

  • The policies and direction of the Association are determined by the Board of Directors consisting of nine members elected from the Contractor/Active Membership, four members from the Associate Membership, the immediate past President and the National Directors of the chapter.

  • Steve McCormick Jr. Steve McCormick Jr.

    Northern Improvement Co.

  • Matt Halvorson Matt Halvorson

    Halvorson Company, Inc.

  • Trevor Christianson Trevor Christianson

    Division VP-Highway
    Mayo Construction Co., Inc.

  • Tom Todd Tom Todd

    Immediate Past President
    Northwest Contracting, Inc.

  • Sally Miskavige Sally Miskavige

    Sr. VP & Division VP Municipal/Heavy

    Opp Construction Co.

  • Brad Beyer Brad Beyer

    Division VP-Associate

  • Scott Kringstad Scott Kringstad

    Division VP-Building
    Construction Engineers, Inc.

  • Chad Erickson Chad Erickson

    Strata Corporation

  • Mike Gowan Mike Gowan

    Gowan Construction, Inc.

  • Joanna Slominski Joanna Slominski

    Mortenson Construction

  • Molly Swanston Molly Swanston

    Swanston Equipment Corp.

  • Steve Farden Steve Farden

    Farden Construction, Inc.

  • Eric Johnson Eric Johnson

    Meinecke-Johnson Co.

  • Susan Shearer Susan Shearer

    Harvey Sand & Gravel, Inc.

  • National Governor

    *(National Life Governor)

  • Donn Diederich* Donn Diederich*

    Industrial Builders, Inc.

  • Paul Hartmann Paul Hartmann

    Traffic Safety Services, Inc.

  • Eric Johnson Eric Johnson

    Meinecke-Johnson Co.

  • Steve McCormick* Steve McCormick*

    Northern Improvement Co.

  • Rob Rebel Rob Rebel

    Knife River Corporation

  • Paul Diederich* Paul Diederich*

    Industrial Builders, Inc.

  • Randy Johnson* Randy Johnson*

    Meinecke-Johnson Co.

  • Harley Neshem* Harley Neshem*

    Gratech Company, LLC

  • Nancy Slotten* Nancy Slotten*

    Border States Paving, Inc.

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