• What is AGC of ND

    • The only organization in North Dakota representing the interests of the commercial construction industry
    • A great source of information and services to commercial contractors of all types and size
    • A group of dedicated staff working to keep profit, safety, efficiency, skill and responsibility an integral part of the construction industry

    Principal Objectives

    • Promote skill, integrity and responsibility in the construction industry
    • Promote fair and honorable dealings with public and private owners of construction projects and with all segments of the construction industry
    • Promote good employees relations and provide the safest working conditions possible on all construction projects
    • Promote member involvement in political activities to ensure conditions in the construction industry continue to improve

    Organizational Structure

    The policies and direction of the Association are determined by a thirteen member Board of Directors, which is elected from the four member categories. Three Directors are elected from the Building Division, Highway Division and Municipal/Heavy Division and four Directors are elected from the four categories of the Associates Division, which include sub-contractors, equipment suppliers, material suppliers and related industries. The AGC of North Dakota is a Chapter of the Associated General Contractors of America, the largest construction organization in the country.

    A professional staff implements the policies and programs established by the Board. Our office is located at 422 North Second Street, Bismarck, North Dakota.

    Who Can Join

    The AGC of North Dakota has four classes of membership:

    • Contractor Members:  General contractors who have engaged in public and/or private sector construction projects for at least two years prior to application
    • Visiting Members: Same qualifications as the Contractor Members, but are home chapter members in another state.
    • Provisional Members: A trial membership offered to provide better contact with prospective members. Limited to two years.
    • Associate Members: Other individuals or firms from industries related to or providing services or supplies to the member general contractors. This group is organized into four categories: sub-contractors, equipment suppliers, material suppliers and related industries.


    How to Join

    Complete the Contractor or Associate Membership Application and return it along with a check for the annual dues to the AGC of North Dakota.

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