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    Membership with AGC of North Dakota provides you with the information, tools and resources to support your business for a greater chance of success. There are over 400 construction related firms in North Dakota which have worked together for almost 70 years to improve the State’s construction industry.
    As a member of the AGC of North Dakota, your company is also a member of the Associated General Contractors of America. You reap the benefit of AGC of America’s 100 years of representing the interests of the nation’s construction industry along with their full array of nationally negotiated deals on items including fuel, office supplies, shipping, training, travel and vehicles. All of this AGC of America support can be found at https://www.agc.org.

  • Membership Categories

  • General Contractor Members
    A construction firm capable of undertaking work as a prime contractor with overall responsibility and skill to complete a construction project with the aid of subcontractors, service provider and material suppliers.

    AGC of ND’s General Contractor members are split into 3 Divisions:

    Master Builders Division include those members primarily involved in the construction of vertical infrastructure such as: schools, offices, malls, medical facilities, arenas, apartments, etc. This division provides the shelter for our families, businesses and care facilities.

    Highway Division includes members who construct transportation infrastructure such as: roads, highways and airport runways along with all other type of transportation infrastructure that make our travel and transport of goods/services viable.

    Municipal/Heavy Division includes member who construct: water/sewer/gas/electric/communication/transportation lines, water/sewer/refining plants, industrial facilities, city streets, sidewalks, curb/gutters and all the other facilities that make our world or business work.

  • Associate Members
    North Dakota’s general contractors could not successfully complete their projects without the support of many Associate member firms providing materials, services, supplies and equipment. These Associate members add enormous value to the Association by offering their business services to our General Contractor member’ projects but in their unequaled support of our networking events, legislative action, industry related education and public education efforts.

    Our Associate Division has 4 categories of membership:

    Subcontractor category are those members who perform on-site construction using their own forces and who bid to General Contractors or perform work in some capacity other than as a prime contractor on at least 60% of their annual business.

    Equipment Supplier category are those members who provide the General Contractors their equipment, machinery, tools and the service to keeps those items operating.

    Material Supplier category are members who manufacture and provide the aggregate, fill, wood, steel, oil, hardware, millwork, signs, safety features and the many other products/materials that become integral parts of the General Contractor’s completed projects.

    Related Industries firms are those members who offer General Contractors the many services it takes to operate in today’s construction and business worlds. These services include insurance, bonding, financial, engineering, HR, consultants, entertainment, legal, printing, training, lodging, accounting, and many more.

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