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    Membership with AGC of North Dakota provides you with the information, tools and resources to support your business for a greater chance of success. There are over 400 construction-related firms in North Dakota which have worked together for over 70 years to improve the State’s construction industry.

  • Did You Know…

    Construction professionals who work for AGC of North Dakota member companies are five times more likely to go home safely than workers throughout the rest of the nation.

    • A S.T.E.P. grant from Workforce Safety and Insurance enables AGC of North Dakota to provide top-notch safety training free-of-charge to members.
    • Members reported an average time-loss incident rate of .29 compared to the national combined average of 1.5. 
    • Training offered includes, but is not limited to, OSHA 10 & 30, MSHA New Minor & Annual Refresher, Silica Awareness, Permit Required Confined Spaces, Trenching & Excavating, Design & Control of Highway Work Zones, Handling and OSHA/MSHA Inspection, Accident Investigation.  Click HERE to see a full list of training offerings.


    Through the AGC of North Dakota, members have direct access to regulatory, governmental, and professional organizations:

    • OSH, EPA, WSI, Job Service, ND Legislature, Commerce Department, Plumbing Board, Electrical Board, ND Department of Transportation – these agencies and many more, regularly seek out our input on many topics.
    • Representation on the Workforce Safety & Insurance board resulting in the lowest premiums in the country, injured worker benefits exceeding all our neighboring states, and $1.2 billion in employer dividends over the past decade.


    The AGC of North Dakota monitors 90 to 100 bills every legislative session, working to help legislators understand the bills’ effects on the construction industry and offering key testimony in many hearings. We support business-friendly legislation and strongly oppose any proposed legislation onerous to business. Key victories include:

    • The appropriation of billions of dollars for construction funding during the Boom.
    • A clarified definition of “Public” project in the ND Century Code.
    • Defense of a transparent public bidding threshold.


    Since its inception in 1951, the AGC of North Dakota Education Foundation has provided more than $1.3 million in scholarships to students in construction-related majors:

    • This past year we awarded $64,000 in scholarships and our Summer Outing, sponsored by the Associate Division, netted over $50,000 for the Education Foundation.
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