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  • Associate Members

    North Dakota’s general contractors could not successfully complete projects without the support of the many Associate Member firms providing materials, services, supplies and equipment. These Associate Members bring great value to the Association with their unequaled support of our networking events, legislative action, industry-related and public education efforts.

    AGC of North Dakota’s Associate Membership is organized into four divisions:

    Subcontractor members are those companies who perform on-site construction using their own forces and do more than 60% of their annual business through a subcontract with a prime contractor.

    Equipment Supplier category includes those members who provide the General Contractors with equipment, machinery, tools and the service and expertise to keeps those items operating.

    Material Supplier category includes members who manufacture and provide the aggregate, fill, wood, steel, oil, hardware, millwork, signs, safety features and the many other products/materials that become integral parts of the General Contractor’s completed projects.

    Related Industries firms are companies who offer General Contractors the many services they need to operate in today’s construction and business worlds. These services include insurance, bonding, financial, engineering, educational, HR, consultant, entertainment, legal, printing, training, lodging, accounting, and many more.


    If you would like more information on the Associated General Contractors of North Dakota, please contact Member Services Director Carey Burke at (701)720-9778.  If you are ready to join, please fill out the application and send it to cburke@agcnd.org.

    Associate Membership Application

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