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    North Dakota’s general contractors could not successfully complete their projects without the support of many Associate member firms providing materials, services, supplies and equipment. These Associate members add enormous value to the Association by offering their business services to our General Contractor member’ projects and their unequaled support of our networking events, legislative action, industry related education and public education efforts.

    Our Associate Division has 4 categories of membership:
    Specialty Contractor members are those members who perform on-site construction using their own forces and do more than 60% of their annual business through a subcontract with a prime contractor.

    Equipment Supplier category are those members who provide the General Contractors their equipment, machinery, tools and the service to keeps those items operating.

    Material Supplier category are members who manufacture and provide the aggregate, fill, wood, steel, oil, hardware, millwork, signs, safety features and the many other products/materials that become integral parts of the General Contractor’s completed projects.

    Related Industries firms are those members who offer General Contractors the many services it takes to operate in today’s construction and business worlds. These services include insurance, bonding, financial, engineering, educational, HR, consultants, entertainment, legal, printing, training, lodging, accounting, and many more.

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    Associate Membership Dues

    Specialty Contractor - Equipment/Material Suppliers & Related Industries Member Dues

    • $300 per year – Firms having occasional business with the construction industry.
    • $400 per year – Firms generating less than $1 Million from the construction industry.
    • $500 per year – Firms generating more than $1 Million from the construction industry.
    • Scholarship Fund Contribution = $70

    Educational Associate Member Dues

    • $250 per year

    Payment/Reporting of Dues:

    • Base annual dues are payable on or before January 15th of each year and National Dues are payable on or before February 28th (29th leap year). Base annual dues 180 days or more overdue shall be submitted to a collection agency.
    • Volume dues will be billed as close to the contract award dates as possible. Payment can be made in full, on or within 15 days of billing at a 5% discount. Payment can also be made monthly for the amount of dues appropriate to the progress payments received during the previous month for contract work. No discount can be applied to this type of payment.
    • Reporting/correcting awarded contracts can be done either on the semi-annual or annual cleanup report or by contacting the association office.
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